Oils & Lotions:

Oils & Lotions:

Relaxing roll-on essential oil blend. The perfect portable solution for busy mommies and children on-the-go. Promotes tranquility and serenity. Instantly calms and relaxes.
Calming Lotion : A silky, luxurious calming lotion blend for both mother and child to enjoy together. Lather and gently massage onto baby's skin. Perfect for when babies start to fuss or mommies want to recharge

Introducing a New Product by Baby Soothe:

Introducing Our Newest Product:

Mother's Touch™

Nothing Calms A Baby Like A Mother's Loving Touch.

Baby Soothe, Mother's Touch™ is a revolutionary patent-pending infant massaging device that easily calms a crying baby. Through innovative massaging "fingers" that simulate mother's affectionate touch, babies instantly feel nurtured and comforted. This baby gadget facilitates a peaceful environment for both parent and child. Perfect for on-the-go, multi-tasking parents.

Featured on Good Morning America

Baby Soothe competed against three other products in the "Shark Tank on GMA" segment to see "what will be the next big product to win over the 'As Seen on TV' world and America."

Want to Invest in Baby Soothe?

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Natural Remedy


Baby Soothe, Mother's Touch™ naturally calms a baby without the use of drugs or chemicals. Massage is known to help babies sleep better, improve their health, alleviate teething pain, and ease colic symptoms.

Calm Baby, Relaxed Parents

Our product does not replace a mother's touch.

Parents need to multi task; tend to their other children, prepare meals, make bottles, and perform other household tasks. New mothers may still be healing from their pregnancy or delivery. For those times when parents wish they had another set of hands to soothe baby but just can't, Mothers Touch™ can.

Fussy to Calm

In just seconds a relaxed baby

Little Vincent Piccirillo - Head of Product Testing, demonstrates how quickly he becomes relaxed from his Baby Soothe Mothers Touch™ in this short 5 second clip

Fussy to Calm

In just seconds a relaxed baby

Little Vincent Piccirillo - Head of Product Testing, demonstrates how quickly he becomes relaxed from his Baby Soothe, Mother's Touch™ in this short 5 second clip

We need your help!

Please Support!

Baby Soothe Mother's Touch needs help rasing the funds required to get this product on store shelves.
If you want to give parents everywhere the option to naturally soothe their crying babies. Please fund this project on:
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It only takes 30 seconds if you have an Amazon account. Pre-Orders also available on Kickstarter

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    Auto Shut-Off


    The device has numerous safety features, including an Auto Shut-off feature if baby rolls on top of the device

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    Easy Clips


    With one hand, parents can easily attach the device to the infant's belly or back.

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    We added a music feature, so the infant experiences maximum relaxation.

Celebrity Testimonial

Kristin McGee

"It was so awesome as a new mother to be one of the first people to try Baby Soothe, Mother's Touch™. Timothy was only about 10 weeks old, and I noticed him immediately calm down once I placed the device on his tummy. I would love to see this product on the shelves, so that mothers have options to help naturally soothe their precious ones to sleep or when they're crying. It also enables them to have a chance to get a few things done themselves! As a busy yoga teacher, I needed that quick second to myself."


Medical Testimonials

"I am a huge proponent of holistic healing, and believe massage is a powerful tool to help relax and soothe the musculoskeletal and nervous systems of children. I would love parents to see an all-natural product like this available." - Dr. Frank Nasso.

"As a pediatric nurse, I believe there are many benefits of infant massage. Besides helping babies to feel loved and relaxed, massage boosts their immune system, helps digestion, and aids with sensory stimulation. Baby Soothe is a great infant massager that mimics Mom's Touch when the multi-tasking Mom is unable to massage baby." - Sheryl Kraut Gersh.

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Mother's Touch™ is Coming Soon.

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Our Team

Our Team

We Are Baby Soothe

Lauren became inspired to develop Baby Soothe, Mother's Touch™ following the birth of her first son, Joseph Vincent, who loved mommy's daily massages. Her mission is to develop innovative products that naturally calm a baby, so that mother and child can enjoy each other and revel in all of the beautiful moments.

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    Lauren Piccirillo



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    Joseph Piccirillo, Jr.

    Reason For The Invention

    Head of Inspiration

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    Vincent Piccirillo

    The Guinea Pig

    Head of Product Testing


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